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Sock - Kaleidoscope 100g Hand-dyed Yarn


Kaleidoscope is a bold, bright and vibrant colourway. The base colours are a bold pink, purple and turquoise. Layered over the top are shades of black, orange, yellow and green. Due to the nature of applying the top colours in powder form each skein is unqiue with some colours more intense than others. 


Colourway: Kaleidoscope

Yarn: Sock (4ply)

Composition: 75% Superwash Merino & 25% Nylon Blend

Weight: 100g

Length: Approx. 425m


Colours may vary slightly due to computer monitor differences. Colours may bleed on the first wash and handwash only.

Sock - Kaleidoscope 100g Hand-dyed Yarn

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